We value our patients' experience at King Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.  We'd like to hear your feedback! 

You can fax it to us at (707) 445-2577 or email it to us at [email protected]

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Dr. Dean Shapiro
King Chiropractic 

David Vinson, MD
"Being an emergency room physician,... I'm familiar with a lot of the different techniques and surgeries that are available.  The simple solution that Dr Shapiro recommended through King Chiropractic was actually the best, and it worked for me very well, and resolved my problems completely.  I'm back running three miles a day and living a normal life!"
Nancy Jioras
"I went to physical therapy for about three weeks and the pain just kept getting worse.  So the physical therapist recommended that I come to King Chiropractic.  She felt very strongly that they could do something to help me.  When I came here, within the first session I was able to move my arm again, and after two weeks I felt no pain at all.  I really appreciate what they did for me!"
Mary Buckley
"My friend recommended coming here and seeing Dr. Shapiro here at King Chiropractic and it worked!  And my back is better; I can sleep comfortably. I have no back pains. And Dr. Shapiro did a really good job!"
Dewane Yaple
"I met Dr. Shapiro and within a couple adjustments, all the pain's gone. I'm walking fine, back to work! -- And he relieved a pinched nerve in my lower back.  Thanks King Chiropractic for getting me back to work!"
Reina Shelby
"After the initial exam, I was straight -- standing straight for the first time in 5 months.  I was virtually pain-free; I was able to be off of the pain medication for for the first time in 5 months!  My result was just miraculous and amazing and I would highly recommend it to anybody!"
Lynda Christian
"I'm really grateful to have found this place because I am feeling a lot better than I did when I came in here!"
Marta Tennant
"I was seeing Dr. Shapiro at King Chiropractic and with some adjustments and treatments, I no longer had the pain; so I cancelled the operation!  The pain went away, and I'm so grateful!"
Various patients
"It's almost like a miracle!...  He was able to get me back on the road and playing music again!....  It's just a world of difference!...  Now I can breathe normally....  I feel a lot healthier and I'm a lot more optimistic....  I don't have to take any kind of pain medicine.... It's incredible!...  Amazing!...  It's just remarkable to me that at this age, at age 75, all this can happen!...  And now I don't have to use a cane (Cain) anymore, because I'm able (Abel)😉!"

"For at least five years, I had suffered with a stiff lower back. It wasn't debilitating, but it did limit my movement and flexibility. I figured I just had to live with it. After one session with Dr. Shapiro, I was amazed at how freely I could move again. Dr. King also showed me a simple one-minute technique I can do at home to help keep my back flexible for life. I am so grateful!" - Lisa Bethune

"I had right shoulder pain, back & neck pain, and my left hand would go into spasms when I picked anything up over a pound or two. I had one adjustment, then two therapy sessions and another adjustment session (yesterday). Dr. Shapiro manually adjusted my neck on this session and when I woke up this morning the majority of my pain was gone. I'm still a little sore but think this will go away. I haven't felt this good in three months. I hope next time "when I get out of wack" I won't wait so long. I have been going to Dr. Shapiro for 5-6 years and think the world of him. His staff is very efficient and pleasant. I would recommend his services to anyone." - Debbie Darsey

"Suffering with a sharp pain in and under my shoulder blade area, I decided to go to Dr. Shapiro. (I have always walked out of his office 100% better.) Only this pain was a soft tissue (muscle) problem. He has continued to work with me on this and I can say happily that it is 75% better. His staff are so friendly, and his treatments are painless. I would never go anywhere else for treatment. I remember not long ago my husband was in a car accident -- it left him unable to walk without assistance. I took him to Dr. Shapiro. Within a couple of weeks, he was back to work and doing everything he loves to do. He is still pain-free today. If you have any kind of pain, even something you don't think can be helped by a chiropractor, go to Dr. Shapiro FIRST. You will be amazed!!" - Susan Frost

"Dr. Shapiro's painless chiropractic adjustments have been a life-saver for me. During various activities over the years, I would inevitably find myself with a herniated or bulging disc and extreme pain in my low back. At times, I could barely walk to get into his office. After one adjustment, I was able to stand up straight and walk again; after 3 or 4 adjustments, he would have me back to my normal activities. I am currently participating in the Spinal Decompression therapy (which is also painless) and which I believe is giving significant and lasting pain relief. The entire office staff has been so kind and professional. If you are living with pain, I would HIGHLY recommend that you visit Dr. Shapiro & King Chiropractic. The results of his treatments are amazing!" - Stephanie McDonald

"Went to Dr. Shapiro with extreme back and leg pain, new to chiropractics. Reduced pain by 80% with first visit and over a period of approx. 4-6 treatments back is pain-free. Dr. Shapiro is an excellent listener and communicator; I was amazed at the results. Highly recommended!" - David Smith

"What a wonderful place to find relief for my hip pain. I walked in limping and came out with a smile on my face. The Doctor was professional and knowledgeable and the staff friendly and helpful. Couldn't ask for a better experience." - Grace Bollmann

"My neck pain is gone. My headaches disappeared after some spinal adjustments. I am so much more flexible. And the spinal decompression therapy of my lower back, simply stated: "It works!" I no longer have pain running down my legs. Go to him, he'll help you too. I owe you Dr. Shapiro and your wonderful caring staff a big THANK YOU," - Sheri Katz

"I always feel better after I leave! - Charity Adams

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