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We have an array of different programs customized for various types of need. We also have the capability to address behavioral issues associated with overeating, smoking, and other unhealthy lifestyles using today’s latest technology. Educating our clients, providing content-rich support, and giving personalized attention are the highest priorities.

Here are some things that we offer:

Lipo-Light Ultimate Body Contouring Program

The Lipo-Light advanced slimming and toning program is the ultimate treatment for non-invasive body contouring. The heat and light emitted from the pads of the Lipo-Light stimulate the release of the fatty acids from within the fat cells. The combination of light therapy and whole body vibration effectively burn energy resulting in visible slimming and toning. You will be able to naturally slim, shape, and tone the areas of the body you want, including those difficult to reach areas such as waist, hips, thighs, upper legs, and arms.

Research shows that the Lipo-Light benefits are even greater when combined with proper exercise and a healthy eating plan, and that’s where Self-Mastery Technology comes in! With this series, you will enhance your results and ensure your long term success. Each title in the series is specifically designed to enrich your Lipo-Light experience while motivating you to succeed. You will experience a significant reduction in stress, better sleep, and a positive mental attitude. You’ll develop the motivation and drive to exercise, eat right, and get the most out of your Lipo-Light treatments. We are very pleased with the mind/body combination for weight reduction of the Lipo-Light with Self-Mastery Technology! It works!

Body Wraps

Our Solutions 4 Body Wraps are unlike anything you’ve heard about or experienced. Developed by a biochemist from the ULCA Medical Center, this specific body wrap process was formulated to encourage circulatory and lymphatic flow in the body. Research showed that because of this increased flow of both the lymphatic and circulatory systems, patients experienced cleansing of the tissues. This in turn caused a healthy reduction of cellulite and inches through internal cleansing.

It’s very typical to lose 4-14 inches in one hour. This is NOT water loss, but a lasting loss of inches! Not only does your body benefit internally from this body wrap, but also the external benefits of contouring and loss of inches make this wrap ideal!

Solutions 4 Body Wraps use special herbal formulations that work from the outside in. This type of body wrap aids in the removal of wastes that have become trapped in vulnerable parts of your body. It’s basically a painless cleansing process of the tissue underneath the skin and a restoration process that helps restore elasticity to loose, flabby skin. It does not dehydrate or age the skin. This is the healthiest type of body wrap there is!

With the Solutions 4 Body Wrap, you will experience a reduction in inches, diminishing of cellulite and improved body contouring. We have also seen a decrease in body odor. Results can be permanent. Our body wrap has been proven for over 30 years and is completely safe!

Self-Mastery Technology

How long have you dreamed of having a trim, fit body… kicking your smoking habit for good… effectively managing your stress… gaining relief from chronic pain… or otherwise changing your life? What if you discovered a way to achieve your goals in just a few minutes a day? Well, now you can with an exciting new program called Self-Mastery technology.

The power of the mind is nothing new to science. Doctors have known for decades that the mind has the power to help people lose weight, stop smoking, manage pain, overcome phobias, accelerate learning and enhance athletic performance. The only problem was finding a way to harness that potential.

But now there’s ZenFrames, a new technology based on the research of the world’s leading universities. ZenFrames uses synchronized pulses of light and sound to deeply relax you while promoting optimum brainwave activity for learning, focus and memory. While the lights and tones soothe you, Self-Mastery Technology (SMT) audio-sessions help focus your mind so you can finally release unwanted habits to get more of what you want out of life. And, because the effects are cumulative, there is virtually no limit to how good you can feel or what you can achieve!

Whole Body Vibration

Whole Body Vibration

What Does Whole Body Vibration Do?
Whole Body Vibration (WBV) offers a low-impact way to increase strength, flexibility, and rejuvenate your body - in addition to increasing metabolism. WBV causes the muscles to experience an involuntary contraction at the same rate that the platform is vibrating. The mechanical stimulus produces a stretch reflex in 100% of your muscles. This means your muscles react to the vibration by contracting and relaxing automatically (like when the doctor hits your knee with a reflex hammer).

How Did WBV Come About?
WBV training was used in the 1960s by the Russian space program to help cosmonauts recover more quickly from muscle atrophy. Since then, Olympic athletes have adapted WBV into their workouts. Trainers and doctors have been using WBV for well over 40 years.

What Makes WBV Unique?
It’s a noninvasive workout that you don’t have to change into workout clothes for! It’s also a multifaceted tool that complements aerobics and strength training. It’s simply a great tool for a healthy lifestyle!


Infrared Sauna

One of our goals at Solutions for Health is to help you learn how to trigger your fat-burning hormones. Your fat-burning hormones work throughout your life. That’s why it’s so important to do a cleansing program two to four times per year. A relaxing, fun and essential way of cleansing and detoxifying your body is utilizing an Infrared Sauna.


The Program is doable; you will feel good and are able to see the results pretty quickly. After finishing the Program I was truly making better choices for my health. I've lost a total of 20.5 pounds and I feel so much better and am no longer sluggish.

N.A. - Salyer, California

The Program was easy to follow, one just needs to follow the steps in order to be successful. The Program motivated me to get back on track by going to the gym and making time for me. I feel better about my body and am pleased with the results.

C.C. - Bayside, California

My first impression about the Program was, can I do this? But with perseverance and encouragement from the staff I was able to commit to a total lifestyle change and began to feel alive again. I lost a total of 17 pounds and I am happier knowing I am becoming a healthier me.

Nancy - McKinleyville, California

After completing the Program I am able to move around a lot better. Others have noticed the changes as well. I feel so much better and have taken on a healthier lifestyle.

D.K. - McKinleyville, California

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