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Since healthcare is an important decision, I'd like to share with you about myself and why I love being a chiropractor. The functions of the body and its wonder are my work and, even more, a lifelong fascination. This fascination led me to an extensive academic career where I've studied a great deal about the body's capacity. My work began as an emergency medical technician at a very busy regional trauma center while pursuing my Bachelor's degree at Ohio State University. After receiving my Bachelor's of Science in Biology, I attended Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, beginning my life on the west coast, and earned my doctorate degree. My studies have continued in Applied Kinesiology, Functional Blood Chemistry, and Chiropractic Neurology for which I am Board eligible. Over the course of my career, I have developed an attitude of working "with" the body, and not "on" the body, and hold to the focus of achieving and maintaining optimal function.

In everyday practice, I have the highest regard for the miracle of the human body. I appreciate feedback from my patients; I’ve got my ears open for those individual responses and my feelers up for the unique solutions we may need. My desire is to see you get solid results and I’m thankful to have some of the most effective tools to achieve that. I enjoy the daily pleasure of hearing patients tell me they feel so much better. In fact, what is so very rewarding to me is the deep look of satisfaction on a patient’s face at regaining some previously lost activity, especially from patients who were told by other healthcare providers that they would have to learn to “live with it” or plan on a lifetime of medications.

Before starting chiropractic school I always pictured myself practicing in a rural setting, but as life would have it, my path initially took me to the metropolis of southern California. There for 17 years, I built successful practices that served the diverse needs of the area. For a time I had one of the only multi-disciplinary chiropractic facilities in the area. Being in southern California, I certainly became very experienced in injury cases, but my real pleasure was found in general health and wellness issues, with an emphasis on nutritional and natural solutions. I enjoyed building relationships with patients and families, and helping with the common and uncommon concerns we encounter throughout life. In time, I heard of Dr. King’s future plans to retire. I was drawn again and again to consider relocating to Eureka, California and ultimately found a wonderful opportunity to integrate Dr. King’s 50 years of experience with my own.


I am grateful for the excellent staff who supports me, and have every confidence that you will find them attentive to your needs. Together we will stretch forward to your health goals. My wife and family are actively involved in my practice. Our eldest child, Bethany, is now a Chiropractic Neurologist on the East Coast (see young Bethany adjusting baby sister at right), and our youngest is in high school. My wife and I, with our eight “well-adjusted” children, are happy to have come from sunny southern California to this lovely redwood community. We appreciate and value the down-to-earth manner of life in this peaceful setting that is consistent with our core beliefs of family and community. We enjoy people – all kinds of wonderful people! We’d enjoy the privilege of getting to know you too.

Wishing you the best,
Dr. Dean Shapiro

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