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We understand how it is to be in pain, to be unable to sleep, move, or function the way you should, or to be “just not feeling right.”  You do not need to remain that way!  We’re here to help get you feeling well, energized, and back to the activities you want and need to do!  

Dr Shapiro’s breadth of experience and healing intuition will get you quickly back to where you should be.  Being results-oriented, he values feedback and fine-tunes his approach.  He delights in getting his patients on the fast-track to recovery.  In our office, we hear all day long, “I feel sooo much better,” and “It’s just amazing how good you feel after a treatment!”

As a full-service office, we are experienced with a broad range of billing and insurance needs and will help you in any way we can.  We have an exceptional staff, providing outstanding physiotherapy and adjunctive services, and advocating for your needs in the most supportive way.  Please give us a call and let us serve you today!

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